What is a pregnancy bola ?

As an ancestral jewel, the pregnancy bola is enjoying unprecedented popularity and protects the mother and her future child. Where does it come from ? What is it used for ? GEMOLIA will tell you everything you must know about it…

The pregnancy bola

In addition to being a reassuring accessory for the baby, the bola is also a piece of jewelery that enhances the round belly of the pregnant woman. Hung from the end of a long necklace, the ball-shaped pendant emits a discreet melody.

The sound mechanism consists of a brass grid, which acts as a xylophone, as well as microbeads which come and go according to the movements of the mother. The dance of the marbles rolling on the grid creates a lovely symphony, similar to the sound of a bell.

Barely perceptible, the sound of the bola is harmless to the fetus. The bola is a piece of jewelery worn during pregnancy. This necklace with a ball-shaped pendant emits a tinkling sound that cradles the baby throughout pregnancy. After delivery, this delicate and familiar music will reassure baby when he hears it.

The origins of the pregnancy bola

Widespread in Mexico and Indonesia, the pregnancy bola, alos known as maternity bola, is a protective jewelry worn during pregnancy, and even after childbirth. This thousand-year-old tradition was born when Latin America and Asia still formed a single continent.

In Mexico, the tinkle coming from the jewel is considered as the bond which unites the baby to his guardian angel. He is also known as “Llamador de Angeles”, which could be translated as “Bell of the Angels”. It is a very simple jewel, attached to a fabric cord.

In Bali, the pregnancy bola, known as “Bulan Bola” fulfills a protective function, both for the mother and for the baby, by warding off malevolent spirits. The Indonesian bola has a more ethnic style, decorated with arabesques and traditional designs. It dangles on the end of a chain, traditionally made of silver.

Who can offer a pregnancy bola ?

The mother-to-be can decide to choose her pregnancy bola herself. After all, it is the guardian of the complicit relationship between the mother and her baby. But now that you know a little more about this ancestral jewel, you will agree with GEMOLIA that it is also the ideal birth gift.

In Indonesia, community life is convention. Friends, relatives and even neighbors are considered as family members. Anyone who is part of this circle thus has the legitimacy to offer a pregnancy bola to please the future mother.

Thus, anyone feeling close enough to the mother will mark the spirits by offering this symbolic gift that will accompany the woman and her baby throughout pregnancy, and even after.

If you want to offer a GEMOLIA pregnancy bola, remember to personalize your present. When finalizing your order, select the “gift package” option. You can also add a personalized message.

Why wear a pregnancy bola?

Apart from the mystical protective origins of the pregnancy bola, the craze for this jewel is explained by other properties it has.

It is first of all the ideal gift to mark the path of motherhood and to keep a memory of the 9 months of pregnancy.

When to wear a maternity bola?

During pregnancy

The mother-to-be can start wearing her pregnancy bola from the first moment. In addition to the soothing virtues for the baby and the mother, it also has an aesthetic function. This long necklace arriving on the round belly of the mother will sublimate the pregnant woman and her pregnancy outfits.

From the fifth month of pregnancy (20 weeks), the baby begins to differentiate external sounds and develops its auditory memory. It is therefore from the last trimester of pregnancy that the potential of the pregnancy bola takes on its full extent.

The mother begins to manipulate the bola by rolling it on her belly. The ringing will relax and transmit positive vibes to the baby.

But the use of the bola is not limited only to the duration of pregnancy, quite the contrary.

After childbirth

The sound coming from the pregnancy bola is familiar to the newborn, thanks to the auditory memory it has developed during the last trimester of pregnancy. This melody therefore makes it possible to make the link between the baby's past life, in the mother's womb, and the brand new outside world that he will learn to discover. By associating the ringing of the bola with the moments spent in utero, the newborn

The bola is therefore very reassuring for the child. After childbirth, the pregnancy bola can be placed above the baby's cradle, stroller, or even sewn inside his favorite cuddly toy. The sound of the bola will soothe the child, and can help him fall asleep or calm his crying for example.

Mums can also continue to wear the pregnancy bola as jewelry, in memory of the special 9 months she has just spent with her baby. During breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, the newborn will still hear this familiar and reassuring melody.

How to choose a pregnancy bola?

Given its direct contact with the belly, and above all, the unique bond it creates between the mother and her baby, it is important to choose your pregnancy bola carefully.

As part of its commitment, GEMOLIA guarantees unleaded and nickel free jewelry to limit the risk of allergies as much as possible. The use of 925 sterling silver is a guarantee of the best quality, essential for choosing such a particular jewel. The inside balls are made of brass to provide optimal sound quality.

Our pregnancy bolas therefore meet the ideal conditions for a trouble-free pregnancy.

To please the mother-to-be, and the child, let yourself be seduced by the GEMOLIA pregnancy bola collection.

How do I take care of my pregnancy bola?

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