How to measure ring size ?

The most obvious answer to this question, which comes first to mind, is to go to the nearest jewelry store. In a minute, using a ring sizer, the jeweler can provide your ring size. with precision.

The thing is, sometimes it's not that simple, and going to the boutique before buying is not an option

You plan to surprise a loved one or to make your proposal and your choice is a dazzling ring? Gemolia gathered the best tips for you to find a ring size without going to a jeweler.

What does “ring size” mean ?

First of all, it seems wise to define the main subject of this article.

In France, the ring size is a value expressed in millimeters. It corresponds to the circumference of the inside of the ring, which is also equivalent to the circumference of the finger that you want to adorn with a jewel.

When choosing a ring meant to be worn conventionally, that is to say at the base of the finger, the measurement is taken on the widest phalanx. Thus, the ring can pass smoothly through the joints.

If your finger circumference is 54 millimeters, you should choose a size 54 ring.

Knowing the ring size is essential so that the jewel becomes one with the hand of its owner. A ring that is too large risks being lost. A ring that is too small could get stuck or not be worn. Always keep in mind that a ring that is too large will be easier to modify than a ring that is too small.

But how do you get these measurements? You can pick among several methods…

Measure the inside diameter of a ring

The major advantage of this process is that it allows you to find a ring size discreetly. For example, if you want to surprise someone dear to you by giving them a piece of jewelry. All you need to do is take a ring of the correct size and, using a millimeter ruler, measure the inside diameter of the ring. Once the diameter is obtained, you can refer to our size guide to find out the corresponding ring size.

Although tempting in its ease, this technique is not the most reliable.

As a reminder, the circumference is obtained by multiplying the inner diameter of the ring by the number Pi (π = 3.14). If the formula seems easy in theory, the practice turns out to be more uncertain.

Indeed, an error of half a millimeter of the internal diameter of the ring is reflected by an error of 1.5 millimeters on the circumference obtained. A difference far from trivial since it will indicate a size and a half difference, above or below the actual size of the ring.

A tip to be used with caution…

Measure the circumference of a ring

If you already have a ring whose size fits perfectly, one more solution is available to you, more precise than the one explained previously. You will be able to directly measure the circumference of the ring. To do this, take a piece of paper, a pen, a millimeter ruler and the ring.

  1. Wrap the sheet of paper around itself in order to form a tube.
  2. Insert the tube into the ring until the ring reaches approximately the middle of the tube.
  3. Let the paper tube expand until it fits snugly inside of the ring.
  4. Use the pen to mark both sides of the ring on the paper tube, where the edge of the paper sheet crosses the tube. Once the marks are made, you can remove the paper tube from the ring and unfold the sheet.

By measuring the inside gap between the two marks, you get the circumference of the ring. For example, if the distance between the two lines is 58 millimeters, then you can choose your ring in size 58.

If the result falls between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the size above, in order to be sure that the ring does not block when passing the joints.

Measure your ring size using a virtual ring sizer

This method also requires that you are in possession of a fitted ring. After a quick search on the internet, you will find several sites offering virtual ringers. From there, you have two options to find the size of the ring: print the ring-sizer or measure directly by putting the ring on the screen.

In both cases, one point of vigilance should attract your attention: the scale. If it is not correct, your measurements will be wrong.

Instructions : slide the reference ring on the different circles of the ring sizer. You may find faced three scenarios :

  1. When the ring sizer line is no longer visible, the corresponding size is too large.
  2. When the line of the ring sizer is perfectly visible and does not touch the edges of your reference ring, the size will be too small.
  3. When the ring sizer circle fits perfectly with the inside edges of your ring, no need to doubt, you have found the right size.

Remember that when in doubt, it is always best to go for the bigger size.

Measure your ring size using an adjustable ring sizer

Easy to buy, the adjustable plastic ring sizer may be the most accurate method to obtain your ring size after visiting the ring sizer. The only drawback will be the delivery time if you order your ring sizer on the internet.

Once in your possession, you only need to run your finger through the ring sizer to the second phalanx, then adjust it. You get your finger size directly, no conversion needed.

Measure your finger size

If you don't have a ring-sizer, this is undoubtedly the easiest way to find out your ring size and treat yourself with a shining piece of jewelry. On the other hand, it is totally unsuitable if you wanted to surprise your loved one…

Using a measuring tape

Nothing could be easier! Find yourself a measure tape and wrap it around your finger, neither too tight nor too loose. The junction point between the two parts of the meter corresponds to your finger circumference and therefore, to your ring size. If the measure gives a circumference of 47 millimeters, then you can choose without hesitation a size 47.

Using a string or a paper strip

You do not have a tape measure? You can make a paper strip from a leaf, or even use a string.

Make sure it is long enough to wrap it around the finger. Wrap the strip or string around your finger, neither too loose nor too tight.

Use a pen to mark with a line the meeting point between your measuring tool and its starting end. The space corresponds to the circumference of your finger. If it is 5.6 cm, you are a size 56.

For better accuracy, we recommend you to take the measure several times. You can thus obtain an average and choose the most suitable ring size. If in doubt, always prefer the larger size to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Now that you have all the cards in hand to know the ring size, all you have to do is choose the perfect ring!

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